Car Park Management Systems

NetFM developed its first Car Park Management System, 'Click2Park', in 2004 and continues to work with corporate clients and councils across the UK, Europe & the US, to provide parking and facilities software solutions.

Our car park management systems will help you achieve your Business, Planning & Operational goals.

We have developed systems that are highly configurable, adapting to fulfil diverse client requirements and parking policies. Our systems allow you to choose whether to allow staff to manage their own parking on a self-service basis or to enforce rigid administration of your parking assets.

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile access
Car Park Management Software - Accessible via your desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android & Smartphone...For Single or Multiple sites
across UK, Europe & the USA.

NetFM's car park management systems:

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  • Annual Permits & Ad-Hoc Bookings
  • User Accounts Self-Service
  • Mobile Version to Book on the Move

Click2Park (C2P) takes a Permit-based approach to parking management, with client-side Admin staff able to allocate permission to park in a specific space within a specific car park.

Non-permit holders are able to book any available or unused spaces in 15 minute to 1 day slots within a designated total.

5 User Levels, with HigherAdmin access to extensive reporting including: contractors, visitors, permits & applicants, car sharing, bookings & breaches.

C2P also offers a Mobile Application that enables your workforce to quickly & easily book a space from their iPhone, iPad, Android device or Smartphone.

Bespoke CPMS Solution

  • Designed to Your Requirements
  • Tailored to Your Parking Policy
  • Modular Features to Suit Budget

NetFM's team of dedicated developers have a wealth of knowledge and experience of designing corporate software solutions.

We can create or adapt almost any system to meet the requirements of your organisation, your parking policies and local planning departments.

With a 12 year proven track record in developing and supporting car park management systems, NetFM can be a proactive member of your team in both consultancy and/or development roles.

We offer friendly, personal support - with each client given a dedicated account manager to ensure our high service levels are maintained.

Generic CPMS System

  • Multi-Site, Permit-only System
  • Application & Scoring Processes
  • Easily Add/Rmv Car Parks & Sites

NetFM's generic Car Park Management System (CPMS) works on a less strict Permit and Allocation basis than Click2Park.

Users are generally given Permission to park anywhere in a given Car Park or Site. Useful where spaces are not individually numbered or identifiable.

CPMS supports the entire Application and Permit Allocation process with:
* online applications & PDF conversion;
* applicant history & postcode mapping;
* highly configurable scoring parameters;
* 'breach' logging for security personnel;
* in-page record editing & allocation;
* full reporting with report downloads,
* and much, much more...