About NetFM

NetFM UK Ltd. is a software development company specialising in innovative car park management systems, green travel systems and bespoke software solutions to organisational transport, facilities & workforce issues.

Common to NetFM solutions is the use of a 'Mediation Server'. Developed in-house in conjunction with Blue Chip clients and major mobile network providers across the UK, the Mediation Server allows both direct employee input from mobile devices along with web-based input from both users and admin staff. These inputs are correlated against bespoke business logic to provide workforce directives according to an organisation's policies and procedures.

NetFM's solutions are currently used by leading mobile network operators, along with a number of high profile corporate and public sector organisations.

Proven Track Record

  • Corporate/Council Trusted Supplier
  • Long-term Client Relationships
  • Independently Security Audited

Green Travel Software

  • Workforce Transport Specialists
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Car Sharing Software Solutions

Bespoke Development

  • Robust, Innovative Solutions
  • Delivered On-Time & to Budget
  • Put Business Initiatives into Practice